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Sony Ericsson unveils M600i

Sony Ericsson today expanded its 3G range of mobile phones by unveiling the M600i, the only other Sony Ericsson phone in this range is the P990i. The M600i is more or less based on the P990i platform, only slimmer, lighter and better. It comes with 80mb of on board memory, supports memory stick micro cards and features the Symbian 9.1 OS and UIQ 3.0 interface. Features such as the high resolution touch sensitive 2.6-inch display, the Bluetooth and the USB 2.0 which includes support for charging have been ported from its larger sibling but it additionally supports A2DP. The dual function keyboard is similar to Palm’s Treo 700w, other input methods are: 3 way jog dial and handwriting recognition. Media capabilities include playback in MP3 and AAC formats and videos play at 30FPS.

Sony VN-CX1, Optical Skype Mouse

With every addition to the VAIO series of electronics, Sony has taken breaths of competitors away. This time they have treaded further and gone on to combine two gadgets with much success. The VN-CX1 is a wired USB optical mouse which doubles up as a flip-open Skype (VOIP) phone. It weighs just 67 grams and measures 45.5mm x 23.9mm x 89.2mm. To indicate an incoming call it blinks and flipping it open reveals a microphone and speaker for communication. It comes in five colors and is currently available only in Japan.

S10 and S20, the Standout MP3 players from IOPS

Had enough of the iPod like portable music players? Here’s a new one for you. The IOPS S10 and S20 can actually claim not to be inspired by the Apple. The IOPS are powered by a single AAA battery and transfer data through a pop-up USB connector. The S10 and S20 can hold 256MB to 2GB through MS cards while the S20 can support an additional internal memory of 256MB to 1GB. These lightweight devices top out at 25 grams and measure just 42 X 67 X 19 mm.

EZ View, Solar Powered Address Light

There was a time in the last century when every new thing made/found went down as an invention and the inventor into the history books. Now that almost everything important has already been invented new inventions are not always given their due, so this SlashGear is dedicated to one such invention, EZ View, a solar powered address light, very useful when guests or delivery/911 people are looking for your home in the dark. There’s no wiring required, it doesn’t need exposure to direct sunlight and has a 3inch 5 letter bright red electroluminescent display visible from 500 feet in the dark. The battery needs approx 1.5 hours of sun light to charge itself and can store enough energy to remain illuminated for more than 3 months without recharging.

P858, The Samsung 3 Mega Pixel clamshell headed for the US?

A few days back when I was looking for a decent camera phone, I found that the American market is relatively poor to its Asian and European counterparts in the high resolution camera phones section. Now that the FCC has approved Samsung’s P858, a clamshell phone with a 3 mega pixel camera and flash, the American cell phone users may have one more option. The phone features Bluetooth connectivity, MicroSD slot and an MP3 player, its also one of the firsts to have a TV-out slot after Nokia N80, the operating frequency is: 900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS and the QVGA screen can rotate 180 degree. Although this handset will be produced for the Chinese market a similar handset, the P857 is rumored to be headed for the American market.

Mitsubishi Launches Lightweight Notebook, weighs just 996g

Yes you read it right, they actually did it, engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have fit a 20 GB HDD, 256MB RAM and a Pentium M 753 (1.2GHz) into an alloy casing that weighs in only 996 grams, about 35 ounces. The press release did not give any detail on the screen size or screen resolution, they just skipped that part, so you’ll have to wait for reviews and comparisons. This latest addition to the Apricot series has already cornered everyone’s attention with its pretty silver casing and less than 1000 gm weight but a heavy price tag of $2080.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Levitating Hover Scooter

Yeah, they did it again, it’s another one of Hammacher Schlemmer’s unexpected offerings with an unexpected price tag of $16,999.95  After Floating UFO Puck and Air Hovering Canister Vacuum they have come up with yet another flying machine, the Levitating Hover Scooter. This UFO-flying-saucer like looking mini hovercraft is five feet in diameter and flies only on solid ground. It’s capable of 15 mph and runs for about an hour on a full tank of unleaded gas. If you have done some skiing you know how to ride this flying saucer, just lean to your right or left. To accelerate lean forward and to brake you’ll have to coast for about 20 feet.

New 13 inch Apple iBook will sport Front Row and Remote

Ready for more Applemania just weeks after the Macfest? According to insider reports Apple is planning to roll out a new series of iBook complete with an overdue design makeover and hardware upgrades. The new iBook will sport a 13 inch screen and will use the Apple Front Row Media Experience and Apple Remote software. The new iBook will supposedly be retailed in two configurations, with and without SuperDrive, the latter will be priced in the sub $1000 price range. We will bring you more details as and when they are available, stay tuned to Slash Gear.

A Microsoft Handheld?

Well no one knows for sure as yet, but the rumor has been around for the last two-three days now and everyone seems to be buying it. So, I decided to investigate myself. A little Googling tells me that the rumors are split on competitor device for PSP/iPod. According to some sites, Microsoft is considering the possibilities of a portable Xbox while others report that, Microsoft is planning a portable mp3 player, an iPod competitor.

While Microsoft has neither confirmed nor rejected either of the two rumors and called them “mere speculations”, Microsoft may have plans for an iPod like gadget. Yeah, that, rumor or not, can’t be rejected as Microsoft has started pushing MSN Music Service as a strong competitor to Apple’s iTunes Media store. Stay tuned to Slash Gear for updates.

Edirol rolls out R-09 a new portable sound recorder

Edirol has rolled out its new R-09 featuring 24 bit uncompressed recording with an integrated microphone, introduced last week, I would call this gadget a welcome addition to the sea of iPods. The R-09 sports one of the most user friendly control panel among contemporary gadgets I’ve noted. It records stereo quality audio in MP3 format. You can check the recorded audio through the headphone jack or export files to a PC through USB. It’s the complete package for all your recording needs on the move.

Toshiba’s HD-DVD players will hit the market in March

If you have purchased an expensive DVD player this Christmas, here’s a good reason why you’ll be kicking yourself!!! Toshiba is all set to roll out its next generation HD-DVD players. Yeah, according to insider reports, Toshiba will enter the consumer market (USA) this March with two HD-DVD players.

The two models are targeted at mainstream consumers (HD-A1) and early adopters (HD-XA1). While both the models support native HD in 720p and 1080i, the higher end model comes with some added features like, four DSP engines for enhanced audio output, two USB ports mounted on the front panel, stabilizing feet and multiple user interfaces. You can preorder the HD-A1 at Amazon for $499.

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