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Motorola’s NED: The next frontier in flat panel display

If at all you did not watch your favourite movie yet on a flat screen T.V and you have been constantly eyeing you local electronic joint, here is some sizzling news to get you thinking even more. Motorola Labs, the research arm of Motorola Inc. is said to have unveiled a working 5-inch color video display prototype based on proprietary Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology. It’s a breakthrough technique that can create ripple in the flat screen market because of its ability to create large flat panel displays, with better quality, longer lifetime and cheaper cost. Isn’t it very smart? Motorola’s NED is indicating full colour video with good response time. According to a detailed cost model analysis conducted by many firms, the estimated the manufacture cost for a 40-inch NED panel could be under $400.”  The only question remains unanswered is that, can Carbon nanotubes be produced for the mass…

Fruity iCool MP3 Player now from Solid Alliance

Now that sound systems have reached a pinnacle (in the traveling music device segment), innovation is the key to growth. Making smell as the unique selling proposition, the Solid Alliance has come up with world’s first smelling MP3 players. The usual works of a MP3 player are still appended. It comes with a 256 MB memory and the usual SD slot. The USB 2.0 and the MP3 and WMA make the gadget portable and handy. The catch still remains the various smells that come with the machine. Ranging from natural rosy to tempting chocolate it is sure to drive many bees around it. Well theoritically for sure.


Sony VAIO VA1 All-In-One PC

SONY VAIO just gets better with time. The SONY VAIO VA-1 is the all-in-one PC. The screen is a 20 inches wide and with a Intel processor with a 2.8 Ghz and dual core, the product has hit the market in a big way. The approximate price of the unit is $2600. The compactness of the PC is due to the built in CPU and the array of wires has been removed from the min console by the wireless technology. For the offices and workplaces full of papers it comes as a space saver. The Microsoft XP Media Centre edition is an apt operating system for the workstations. All in all a buy worth its cost.

T- Mobile rolls out SDA featuring Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003SE

The SDA continues the line of T-Mobile’s MDA (SDA for Smart Digital Assistant) and is the first Windows Smart Mobile Phone in T-Mobile’s product portfolio. It comes with charger, USB connector cable, headset, battery and the SDA. It runs on Windows Mobile for Smartphone 2003 Second Edition and actually comes in “Business” and “Music” versions, the “Music” version has dedicated keys for pausing or skipping tracks when you’re listening to music and has 32MB of RAM, a 65K color LCD screen, built-in Bluetooth, a VGA quality digital camera, a miniSD card slot

“SHIRO AS” -football or MP3 Player

Is it a soccer ball or is it an mp3 player? Well it’s both. This Shiro AS is a 1GB flash player, with OLED display, 10 hr battery life, fm recording and plays mp3 and wma files. Its diameter is 37.4mm, has voice recording and can function as a stopwatch and timer with an altogether new designer look and also supports the drag and drop interface. It has six buttons along the circumference with basic control over its functions. Its cute build and high quality it is all set to roll in the field in April this year.


Apple Mac Mini

The handsome 2-inch-tall, white-with-silver-trim, square box from Apple is a different sort of wonder. It weighs just 2.9 pounds, but it’s a desktop computer, not a notebook. It’s portable — but in the sense of moving from room to room, not home to office or city to city. Apple sells the 6.5-inch-square machine in a lunchbox-size package with a handle. The slick Panther operating system and the inclusion of the best-of-breed iLife multimedia software suite. ILife ’05 has the latest versions of iTunes software, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand (a recording studio application). Apple has also thrown in Quicken 2005 personal finance software.

Air Cooled Mousepad

Tired of sweaty hands after using the mouse for hours? Well here is the technology providing you all with relief, the air-cooled mouse pad. It may not be a jazzy gizmo but it is definitely worth having if you are used to work for long hours on your PC. All it requires is a steel mesh, adhesives, properly shaped polyester and an Antec laptop cooler. Once set up and the USB port is connected to the cooler, cool air blows from under keeping your hands from sweating and suffocating. It is definitely not hi-fi equipment but a simple arrangement of basic stuff to create new technology making life much easier and comfortable.

Gigashot R60, HDD camcorder from Toshiba

Toshiba’s new Gigashot R60 encompasses the recording capacity of around 60GB. This HDD camcorder can record in MPEG-2, have a 2.5″ LCD screen, 2MP CCD, SD memory card slot and an Ethernet port. It allows around 13-14 hours of high-quality 9.6 mbps recording. The price of this amazing camcorder is just $999. However this camcorder has certain drawbacks like recording can be done only in standard definition i.e. 640*480 and also due to huge storage capacity the size is a little too big.

Micro-aka-M2, Sony’s new Memory Stick

In collaboration with SanDisk Sony is about to come up with a new Memory stick called Micro (aka M2) for increasing the memory (storage capacity) in mobile phones. It increases the storage capacity to around 32GB and measuring just 15mm x 12.5mm x 1.2mm its size is just 25% of the existing smallest card. Only drawback of this MS is that most probably it will only support Sony products because only Sony may design its mobile phones to incorporate the M2.

Motorola SLVR L7: The 2nd iTunes Phone is out

Thin outside fat inside. Yes, the new Motorola SLVR L7 (less than ½ inch and 96 grams) offers a super-thin design with integrated VGA 4x zoom camera with video capture and playback, Bluetooth, 512 MB expandable MIcroSD memory, USB cable, WAP 2.0, J@ME MIDP 2.0, hands free with 22 kHz polyphonic speaker and Additionally and SLVR delivers iTunes functionality, providing music lovers the ability to carry up to 420 minutes of music or 100 of their favorite songs. Surprisingly, the phone doesn’t have a headphone jack. Seems a bit odd for a phone with iTunes, but it is heard that Motorola will offer Bluetooth stereo headphones. This headset has overriding features then earlier launched Motorola iTunes ROKR E1. At present, Motorola SLVR is available exclusively in the U.S. through select Cingular Wireless retail locations for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement.


GPS Dart System: To Track High Speed pursuits

We have witnessed a lot of high speed police pursuits in reality tv shows, but as technology evolves, such chases will become history. And this will be made possible by a very innovative gadget called the GPS dart system. A small GPS receiver can be jammed into a sticky gum like substance which would be the size of a golf ball and then fired onto the criminal’s vehicle from a vehicle equipped with compressed air launchers. This way, the police can keep track of the movements of the car making it possible to catch the miscreant with out any catastrophe at 100 mph. Looks like the roads are going to be much safer now.



Blueye makes it possible for you to use the cell phone as well as listen to his music simultaneously. Imagine being able to connect to an audio player with your cell phone to listen to the music and not just externally but also internally. This means when you get a call on your phone, Blueye immediately mutes the music and lets you attend the call on its own and once done with the call the music resumes. It is the real hands free technology allowing you to connect to your portable audio player with the cell phone through Bluetooth. No more missing calls while listening to you music. Blueye makes life much easier and that’s what technology is there for, or is it!

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