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The world’s thinnest phone

Not too much information on this Samsung cellphone, other than it looks like the world’s thinnest 3G WCDMA phone (.4 inches thick) and is set to be shown at 3GSM.

Here’s a scoop we just dug out. If we got our Korean right, then you are looking at the world’s thinnest 3G WCDMA phone, the Samsung SGH-Z150. It’s just 9.8mm thick! Unfortunately, that’s also where our skills in the Korean language ended. We couldn’t gather more information.The SGH-Z150 will be doing the rounds at the 3GSM World Congress. Now, what would a WCDMA phone do at a GSM show? Anybody want to take a dig?

NOKIA AD-42W Wireless Audio Gateway

Just as we wondered it was cool to transfer audio files from one cell phone to the other or from a computer to a cell phone (using Bluetooth technology), technology giant Nokia has come out with the just another new Bluetooth gadget which will allow transfer of files from a cell phone to the audio player or powered speakers to play it loud, without any wire connection between the two devices. The new Nokia AD-42W Wireless Audio Gateway means no more connecting through cables and jacks, just easy wireless transfer or at least that’s what it promises. Its all set to roll into the markets pretty soon.

Motorola to Launch Mobile Payment System in the US

While starting out as just a mobile transaction system for paying bills and bank transfers, Motorola’s new M-Wallet system is to be expanded to be a contact-less payment system for US consumers. The new m-wallet, integrates with traditional payment methods, will be launched soon in the market. M-Wallet is likely to be the first such service to go national, and will compete head-to-head with other “swipeless” payment systems, such as MasterCard’s PayPass. The M-Wallet chip will be available within six to nine months, and that the company is in discussions with carriers for rollout plans. Motorola also says that the service would be compatible with other manufacturers’ devices.

T-Mobile MDA

The secret of T-Mobile MDA lies in styling and form factor, the 125 x 72 x 19 mm, 210 gram phone is another one of those sexy slider phones. Also, its 2.5 mm hands free kit jack, as well as the 0.3 Mega pixel camera lens. The MDA III offers quad-band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz with GPRS Class 8 and 10, Blue tooth and Wi-Fi 802.11b. Signal reception for all three frequencies proved on average very good, and it includes a new Blue tooth stack rather than the profile-anemic atrocity found in the MDA II. Profiles abound, and for Wi-Fi the MDA III supports WEP and WPA, as well as 802.1x for added security – a boon for both enterprise users and security-conscious consumers and runs the Second Edition of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC platform.

Folding Electric Bike

It’s not only in Japan that one finds shortage of spaces. All over the world the areas are shrinking and what can come handier then a bike that can be folded. Sounds interesting huh! A bike that runs on the NiMH 36V 9AH battery and speeds up to 32 kilometers an hour is surely one to serve the domestic needs in places with space shortage.. The bike takes care of the environment friendliness with the electric engine. The claimed time of 30 seconds for the assembly of the main consol makes the thing a best buy for anyone and at 57 pounds of body weight this will be famous with one and all. All this comes with a price tag of $1300.

Apple goes Bluetooth with iPods!

Apple is working with all strength it can accumulate for making some modifications in its ipods to make an already good product even better. Its true, now wireless ipods are going to make the trend of the day as PortalPlayer, which is the supplier of the audio logic innards of Apple ipods, is going to make the ipods bluetooth and Wifi enabled. So its easiness and efficiency alongwith pleasure as you can download music swiftly at a Wifi hotspot or from your iTune account or copy music picking up signals from ipods even 20 feet away. To add to this undigesable yet overwhelming news, Apple has a press conference scheduled later this month wherein there is speculated to be an Airport Express WiFi adapter pictured on the invitation.

IBM can make Bluetooth and Wifi obscelete!

Known for its technological excellence and improvisation, IBM is bidding goodbye to its not-so-old or rather one of the hot technologies, Bluetooth and Wifi. Moving one step ahead of its competitors in the arena, IBM declared about its new 14mm per side component at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, boasting about wireless communication at gigabyte speeds even for the bandwith hungry wireless connected high definition devices commonly referred to as Wireless Personal Area Network(WPAN). Revolutionary for some while threatening for many of those who have big-investments in the Wifi and Bluetooth technologies, these Power 6 devices will be faster than them.

Nokia announces LBS for mid range

Nokia announced its new location based services (LBS) and a new GPS modules this morning. This release is to bring LBS to lower-end cell phone models. Also, the company has made a major addition to its mid-range folding phones by adding Bluetooth capability. Location Based Services is a growing technology field that focuses on providing GIS and spatial information via mobile and field units. This technology would also include Mobile GIS technology where more and more choices are becoming available for field spatial data collection.

Micro Fuel Cell for Mobile: Motorola’s new strategy

Motorola has timely made a strategic investment in North American micro fuel cell developer Tekion towards development of the fuel cell for handhelds. Tekion is known to be developing a new “personal power source”, the Formira Power Pack, which will fit inside cellphones and provide extended power by integrating advanced battery technology with micro fuel cell technology. This technology provides an edge over other portable electronic products in power range of milliwatss-5o watt with energy range of 10-100 watt hours.

A4 Tech VoIP Keyboard!!

 For starters, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the internet protocols to transfer voice as packets over the IP networks. It can thus be employed on any database that uses IP like the internet, intranet or Local Area Network (LAN). Now, how about having this striking technology attached with your keyboard which would make your workplace compact and organized? The A4 Tech VoIP keyboard with a built in handset is set to launch at the CeBit conference in Germany this year. All eyes are set on this strategic attempt to converge internet and communication technology. This new apparatus is compatible with most of the popular messaging and communicating software like Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc. It is stocked with an additional In/Out port to be used with a handset or speakerphone mode.

IBM unveils new silicon technology to power new chip

IBM had made a breakthrough in silicon technology a couple of years back which increased its chip speed by a phenomenal 35%. They referred to it as ‘Strained Silicon’ technology. According to IBM, electrons in the strained silicon experience less resistance and flow up to 75% faster, which can lead to chips which are 35% faster. The words on the street that, IBM is now employing this innovative technology to power its upcoming power6 chips scheduled for launch in late 2006 or early 2007. The company on reaction to these reports confirmed by saying yes, and claimed that the power6 chip with this new technology would run at speeds of 4 – 5 gigahertz consuming lesser power than present chips.

The New Nokia 9500 Communicator

Ever seen a hand- held mobile phone getting morphed into a mini- laptop? Don’t be surprised. Because the new Nokia 9500 Communicator comes with a full keyboard and two full color displays. It also comes with a gigantic memory space of 80 megabytes, and a fast WLAN connectivity to enable quick and efficient file transfer. You can’t ignore the impressive feature set including, MultiMediaCard support, an integrated still camera and a video camera. And if you think I am finished, you are sadly mistaken. This cameo of a mobile phone is compatible with Microsoft office, and you can have a document, sheet, presentation viewer and editor all opened up for you on a click of a button. Do I need to mention that it supports Bluetooth wireless technology and has an inbuilt web browser, in case you need them.



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