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Trust’s Triangular USB Hub: the First of its Kind

If USB hubs are a common thing these days, then what’s so uncommon about this? Yes, this is a triangular hub, the first of its kind. It has an aluminum body with 4-port USB 2.0-powered HUB which allows data transfer at the rate of 480Mbits/sec and is also equipped with a power adapter if the circumstance requires. Reaping the advantage of its triangular shape it now becomes more accessible and can be placed in many positions and by using just one port of the computer it allows you to connect to four USB devices.
The Hot Swappable function makes it possible to connect remove peripherals at any time without the needing to restart your computer. It measures 28x101x25mm and is fully Windows Plug & Play. The hub is available now for £14.99.

Breathe Testing Pen: A life Saver

Needless to say drinking and driving is dangerous and we all are obviously aware of this. In spite of that when we drink we aren’t aware of anything and we often cross the limits and get totally sloshed. So, it’s advisable not to drink and drive, but for every plan you should always have a backup. This small pen ‘Breathe Testing Pen’ with a built-in mini breathalyzer can indicate if you have reached your limits. What you basically have to do is blow into a hole on top of the pen. The whole process takes just a few seconds. If you are out then the green LED turns red, indicating it’s a better idea to go back in a taxi. It’s very small and can be carried everywhere with convenience. The market price of this life saving instrument is $35. 



Toshiba readies large HD Ready digital LCD TVs

Toshiba has finalized April for the launch of its new HD Ready LCD TVs, in the WL66 series. Four models are introduced in WL66 series with 32, 37, 42, 47” inch screen size, featuring integrated digital TV receivers and a pair of HDMI ports. Dual SCART sockets and a headphone socket are also included with a competent video input. Last two big screens provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with brightness of 550cdpm² and first two small TVs supports a resolution of 1366 x 768 and 500cdpm² brightness. Toshiba’s Active Vision LCD image processing technology is used in these models to enhance picture, color, contrast and movement. These LCD TVs provide PAL and NTSC playback, 20W RMS speakers (SRS WOW 3D audio enhancement) and a headphone socket. Price for all four models is yet to be decided by company.

MegaSIM 512 MB SIM Cards

This year, Orange is introducing a new technology named MegaSIM card. It’s a 512 MB SIM card, if seen in comparison with other SIM cards (64k) it will hold 8000 times more data. This new MegaSIM is the result of a joint venture between M-systems, Oberthur Card Systems, LG Electronics, and Orange. While other companies are introducing 64k SIM cards, Orange already has plans to blow everyone out of the water with the launch of its 512MB MegaSIM card.

LG’s TV-Playing V9000

This week in 3GSM conference 2006, Barcelona, LG displayed its V9000. V9000 is considered to be pitched up against Samsung’s SGH-P900 for high-end cellphone supremacy. V9000 sports a 1.3 Megapixel camera, 30 MB of onboard memory, virtual 3D surround sound and receive wireless TV signal on its 256k screen. This phone has ability to record one-hour long show and has a amazing battery support of 3 hours TV playing. V9000 is expected to come in Italy and Germany in first half of 2006.No information regarding its price is available as yet.


LaCie Little Big Disk 200GB

LaCie has launched its new mobile hard drive, called LaCie’s Little Big Disk. You can store a whooping 200GB in this pocket sized disc. This chunky, metal-cased LBD (Little Big Disk) contains two 2.5in, 7,200rpm hard disks to provide its 200GB storage capacity. Apart from look, LaCie also includes a free back-up application with the drive, 1-Click Backup, in both Windows and Mac OS X forms. On G5’s two Firewire 800 ports, the LBD shows a transfer rate of 28.52MBps. LaCie’s LBD is made for those who want to carry their huge data in a handy disk.

Fujitsu P1510D with portability and usability

Looking for portability? The Fujitsu P1510D is the perfect example of portability and usability. Fujitsu weighs 2.2-pound and features 1.2GHz Pentium M, 512MB RAM, 30GB hard drive (4200 rpm) a well-designed keyboard and Wi Fi connectivity. Its 8.9” screen offers a restricted view with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It comes with a standard 3-cell battery with a life of 3.4 hours. Extra $116 six cell battery can get you 7 hours of unplugged computing. Its touch-screen responds to the touch of a finger and a fingerprint reader provides an optimal security by recognizing your finger swipes. The P1510D is a perfect bargain at $1599 for those who want both portability and ease-of-use.



If partnership between Direct TV and Microsoft works out you’ll soon be viewing Direct TV on your XBOX 360. It is expected that instead of adding Direct TV directly, a new blade will be added to XBOX 360 which will accompany XBOX Live, games, media, and system blade. Once the blade is included, you will be able to download TV episode, HD movies and standard definition streaming DVR on Hard Disk. Official XBOX Magazine says, it is a rumor, but if it is true then XBOX 360 will get an edge over its rival, PS3. 


Clear Audio Master Reference Turntable

Clear Audio offers its German made Master Reference Turntable, with a price tag of $19,000. This turntable is a mechanical and engineering masterpiece. If something doesn’t sound good on this analog turntable then no table can provide better sound quality. Its APG (accurate Power Generator) motor control system provides an even platter speed and synchronization of 3 separate motors and its six legs keep it resonance free. This turntable is considered the best turntable around. Most of DJ’s won’t be doing a lot of scratching on this table so it is made for only those who really want quality in their records.

T-Mobile Chocolate Phone

T-Mobile has rolled out the much anticipated Chocolate Phone. However, nobody knows why it is called so. The Chocolate Phone is small, sleek and really smooth. With it’s in built Media Player you can listen to MP3s and watch video on its tiny 128 x 128 LCD display. It comes with inbuilt 32 MB memory with a micro SD card slot. It lacks EDGE or GPRS technology in it, but definitely this piece is really sexy.

Panasonic FlashXpress Infrared Toaster: Heat your food in a zippy

When you are feeling hungry and you and have to cook food or for that matter have to heat it up, what first pushes you back is the time that it requires. But, now with the new ‘Panasonic FlashXpress Infrared Toaster’ you can make your food faster or heat up your food which could be anything from a frozen pizza to any curry about 40% quicker. It makes use of infrared radiations to heat the food. In this era when everything has got a high-tech treatment how could the oven stay back? Now, no more waiting around the oven to heat your food is going to bang a death knell on your hunger or movie session.

Maude’s Modular Bed System

Gone are those days when you had a bed in your house for one sole purpose, which was sleeping. But today beds are instrumental in giving your room a good look as well as help you decrease the usage of space in the age of interior designing and small homes. The new ‘Modular Bed System’ from Maude is a step in this direction. The bed boasts of tablets that could be inclined for head support. It’s also fixed with reading lights and books at both ends of the bed. The bed is skinned with a birch plywood frame with the cushions in red, white and olive color. The bed is available in both king and queen sizes. The bed system can be changed according to your liking, and it can be put together very easily by one person. Looks like your bedrooms got all they were missing. Some looks and space!!!!!!!!

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