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Motorola Gets Physical

Motorola Gets Physical

The KRZR has been out since the end of September, but Motorola is hoping that sales will get a little more active starting on Monday, when a new app called Bones in Motion Active will be available on the Nano-sized flip phone. Great for runners, cyclists and power walkers (remember when that was a competitive sport for soccer moms?), the app will come preloaded and be available on Verizon's website packaged with an armband and earbuds. I caught up with Motorola Marketing Director Jim Mitchel on Tuesday, who said that it is a perfect way to utilize the KRZR's external screen and MP3 controls, as well as the GPS. Expect a full review of the software, KRZR and accessories sometime this weekend.

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Google Launches Custom Search Engine Tool

This takes the DIY trend to a whole new level. With the release of a new feature called Google Co-op, the power to create personalized search engines that address specific topics, search only certain sites and match the style of your blog or webpage is here. I tried creating my own “tech & gadget” search engine this morning, and through using the idiot-proof wizard to supply keywords and preferred website information, my search queries cleary yielded more accurate results. Though not quite as exciting as the Google Maps for Mobiles update earlier this month, Google Co-op has a ridiculous variety of applications and will be a great tool for the tech-savvy and everday user alike.

                     Create Your Own Search Engine

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MacBook Pro Joins the Mile High Club

After overhearing many a new Apple user gripe about their battery dying out on that red-eye to L.A., I would think that the release of their airline power adapter for Macbook and Macbook Pro would have garnered more fanfare. Perhaps its that, for $59, the new adapter neither actually charges your notebook nor works in a car. Plus, you have to check with your airline to ensure they have compatible ports before you fly. Another overly-priced, under-convenient product from Apple- and not even IGo has the solution to this one.

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Samsung Debuts “SCH-B500”-The Real Slim Slider

Avoiding obvious comparisons between a certain notorious white rapper and the newest phone to debut at the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung demonstrated the SCH-B500 today to a crowd that has alternately dubbed it the “Slim&J” and the “Slim Slider”.

Looks aren’t everything (see the Samsung EW-700), but with a cool blue steel finish and a crisp 2.12″ LCD display, the SCH-B500 is definitely sleek. Features include a 2M camera with flash, the black GUI, microSD memory card slot, mp3 & video playback, Bluetooth, TV-out, and a seriously questionable feature called “playing with my pet”. Anyone who can decode what this one means without grossing me out gets free lunch. :)

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The Most High-Tech Gift Card I’ve Seen!!

The Most High-Tech Gift Card I’ve Seen!!

I know its really silly, but this wouldn't be the first time that I shopped at Target just because the gift card was pretty. :)

The much-anticipated Nintendo Wii, which will make its North American debut on November 19th, has Target so excited that they teamed up for a gift card that glows on all four sides when the power button is pressed. Otherwise, its just a piece of plastic with the signature bullseye, but this is definitely future of gift cards...

Target Wii Glow Cards [via Crunchgear]

Samsung Releases New Wifi Smartphone

Hot off the floor of the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung and Korean cordless phone maker Eidicom just released a new Wifi/VoIP smartphone. The “EW-700,” while a little clunky in style, runs Samsung’s latest Post-PC mobile multimedia processor and comes with all the goodies like a web browser, IM, mp3 & video player and a 2-megapixel camera. Now if only more cities went entirely wireless, I could just Skype it like some of my overseas friends.

The Samsung “EW-700” Wifi Smart Phone Running Windows Media Player

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