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The Vaka Light has removable lighting

Concept designs are just cruel and unusual. First of all the designer creates something completely new and gets consumers all excited over a product that may never exist (although sometimes eventually does). To make it worse, bloggers help the process by writing it up.


The slightly eccentric Gregory iPhone Cozy

Although this latest iPhone/iPod case may appear to be something you’d pick up at the local craft show, this cute little frog is actually being mass produced. This isn’t exactly a chic case to have around, but you have to admit, it is kind of cute.


The Doc XL Sofa transforms into a bunk bed

If you’re low on space, but like having guests over this couch would be nice option.  Especially if your guests tend to be younger, this is obviously not something you set up for Grandma on a weekend visit.  Well, I suppose that depends on how much you want her to come back sometime.


Lexie Barnes creates brightly colored laptop bags

If you’re looking for some feminine laptop bags without them being bright pink and stamped with Hello Kitty, then these Lexie Barnes bags are perfect. The nice thing is that she doesn’t sell just one type of bag either.

She has sleeves, over the shoulder bags as well as book bags, all of which would hold your laptop nicely. She has a few different color schemes as well to give you some options. Each color scheme has several different accessory options to go with it too.


The very portable Sound Ball Speaker

These lightweight little balls would be great to toss on your key chain or attach to a bag. Although they look a bit like something you would buy for your cat to play with, these little speakers would be extremely convenient.


Magnetic Kitchen Timer in disguise

If you’re feeling excessively anal careful about having every little accessory coordinate perfectly with your décor then this odd little timer would be perfect for those with a slightly industrial style. The best part is this timer is magnetic and once placed on your fridge, is bound to confuse guests.


The Color Series for iPhone 3G owners

If you’ve managed to snag yourself a shiny new iPhone 3G, you might still be on the lookout for a case to fit your needs. Even if those needs are just to find a pretty new case, and nothing much outside of that.


Magic Mushrooms to light your path

If you’re looking to make your yard look a bit more mystical, or attempting to make it look like that last time you were on all those mystery drugs then pick up a few of these “Magic Mushrooms”.  That or you could just screw with your friends that have permanently fried their brain and pretend to not see them.

I have a couple of friends like that, when you invite them over it’s a bit like hiring a clown for a child’s party.  They are there as the entertainment.


Sony’s Graphic Splash contest invites you to send in designs

If you like the Sony Graphic Splash series, now is your chance to add a design of your own. The laptops have always been highly customizable for the average user, but now Sony is having a contest to come up with your own design and send it in.


Incase’s KRINK branded MacBook Sleeve

If you’re looking for a laptop sleeve that looks a bit different from the rest, this Krink Sleeve from Incase is one way to go. These are made specifically for those carrying around a MacBook (regular as well as Pro).


NES clone all inside of an NES Controller

There have been a few NES controller mods, but one modder managed to fit a famiclone inside of his. The mod was made specifically for his girlfriend for her birthday, since she is a big NES fan. Which also means he was a little more thorough to make sure it was right just for her.

The famiclone comes with several built-in games, so many actually that he was extremely disappointed when he couldn’t manage to play them all before giving it to his girlfriend. With the controller itself, by using the 2nd player control port you can also use a Lightgun.


The Glowing Video Tape USB Hub makes you look cheap

If your day is kicking off slow and you could use something to perk you up, this horrible mod is definitely worth a laugh. Someone actually made a hub out of a VHS tape. To make things even more comical, they made it glow. Yes, that’s right they added LED lights to this very ugly mod.


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