AT&T unveils new insanely expensive shared data plans

If you had an original iPhone with AT&T, the company's new data plans will make you nostalgic for the old days of unlimited data without overages or extra charges. AT&T has unveiled three new data plans aimed at its most gluttonous consumers of mobile data. These plans all fall into the company's Mobile Shared data packages.

In the past, the biggest plan you could opt for had 20 GB of data to share between devices and users. AT&T has unveiled plans with even more data, with one offering more than twice as much. The new AT&T data plans offer allotments of 30 GB, 40 GB, and 50 GB.

As you can imagine, these shared data plans are incredibly expensive. The 30 GB plan will cost you $300 per month. The 40 GB plan will set you back $400 per month, and the 50 GB option will cost you $500 per month.

These incredibly expensive data plans do include unlimited talk and text messaging. On top of those whopping monthly charges for the giant chunks of data, you will also have to pony up additional monthly charges for each device you add to the plan. Those monthly charges are $30 for each smartphone added. These plans could be good news for businesses since the 30 GB plan can have up to 15 devices, the 40 GB can support up to 20, and 50 GB can support up to 25 devices. That would give each of the devices on the big plan 2 GB of data each.

[via The Verge]