AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless - Limit your child's calling and texting habits

One thing that parents have to worry about these days is the amount of time their child spends talking on their cell phone and texting. Kids love to talk and text which means their parents tend to get hefty bills at the end of the month. AT&T has created a new service that will allow parents to limit how much time their child can spend on the phone.

The service which is call Smart Limits for Wireless is pretty cool as it lets the parent restrict how much time their child uses the phone for talking and texting their friends, but at the same time they can make calls to their parents and a number of "allowed numbers" including 911.

Until this came along, there was really no good way to keep your kids from making phone calls when they are grounded without taking the phone away from them. This was never a great option because then they no longer have the phone for emergencies and the parent can't get ahold of them. The service works with any existing (non-TDMA) phone and will cost $4.99 per month, per phone.

AT&T lets parents limit cell use [via tgdaily]