AT&T Dell Aero Gets Shown Off in Video [update]

Android's on the rise, that's for sure. There's no doubt that the mobile Operating System from Google is one of the company's shining lights. But, what happens when you have Android on your phone, but none of the features that make it, you know, Android? When the Dell Aero was showcased at CTIA 2010, there wasn't much to show about the User Interface. And now, after seeing it in action, we know why.

While there are some good things to take away from this, like the sleek form factor and the light weight, or the availability of searching the phone as well as the Internet right from the home screen. But . . . That's about it. Sure, it has skins that you can choose from, but that's not enough to make this device anything worthwhile. Why not? Because it doesn't come with Gmail, Google Maps, or the Android Market!. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, here's an Android-based phone, that doesn't have the Android Market available to download from.

Basically, we'd like to say that this, at least in our eyes, isn't an Android phone. Sure, it may have the underlying OS somewhere in there, but without the features that propels Android to the head of the pack, then there's nothing here. Seriously. We thought the Backflip was bad enough for not allowing third party applications on the device, but it looks like AT&T has taken the next "logical" step in their apparent war against Android.

[Update]: Looks like the Android Market will make an appearance on the Dell Aero after all. This is coming from Business Insider who spoke with an AT&T representative. Now, where's our Gmail?

[via Engadget]