Atomic9 debuts Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone

Shane McGlaun - Jul 30, 2010, 3:58 am CDT
Atomic9 debuts Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone

Over the last year there have been a lot of new wrist phones debut on the market. These phones put all the parts of typical feature phone into a watch that you can wear on your wrist for making calls and listening to music. The catch is if you have a phone you really like but wanted the wrist style you were mostly out of luck.

A company called Atomic9 has debuted a new Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone for people who want that talk into your wrist style, but with their existing phone. The device is a wristband that you can wear like a bracelet with Bluetooth tech inside. The wristband has a speakerphone in it so you can talk without taking your phone from your purse or pocket.

The device has a 30-foot wireless range and supports voice dialing if you phone has that feature. The Atomic9 wristband will also speak caller ID info to you so you know who is calling. A vibration feature tells you when someone is calling or it can beep to alert the wearer of a call. The wristband sells for $99.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.

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