ASUS Eee PC for sale

Sure enough, it's finally for sale here in the US. The flagship 4GB model with half a gig of RAM, a 900MHz processor, and b/g wifi will run you $400. Honestly, that's pretty much a jack, I mean Wal-Mart right now is selling a laptop with a 1.5GHz processor, half a gig of RAM, 60GB of hard drive space, and a 15.4" screen tack on a DVD burner, the same wifi as the Eee, and Vista Home and that makes the Wal-Mart PC not only a better performer, but $2 cheaper.

Sure, if it was really rugged, or if it looked really cool, it might be worth it. But anyone looking at a photo set of the laptop can see its fairly ugly, and there have been reports of this thing feeling a little like a milk jug running computer hardware. So why all the hubbub for an overpriced hunk of junk?

It could be the light weight, small size, fairly decent battery life, and the flash storage, but I don't even think that is enough to make me want to pay more for less. However if you are interested, they are for sale at Newegg and the Surf models, and likely the 8GB model will probably be added soon.

ASUS Eee on sale in US [via electronista]