Asus announces accessory line for the Eee PC

There's nothing quite like having accessories. We buy them even if we don't need them simple because we can and they match/go with the things we already have. The only thing better then having accessories is having "official" accessories.

Asus has released a line of accessories just for the Eee PC. There are colorful pastel mice that brandish the Asus name, ear buds, travel adapter, and battery extension pack. If you're looking to expand your Eee PC experience, these items are a must have since they are made especially for it.

I haven't got a price list for you, but you can expect it sometime in the near future. I'm going to step out on a limp here and suggest that these will be just the first of many more accessories to come.

Asus Releases Accessories for Eee PC Mobile [via Engadget]