Artist uses an iPad and digital fingerpaints to create art

When you think about art, I'd wager most of us don't think about digital media outside of photographs being used to create artworks that people would pay money for. A digital artist named Topher Straus has created a series of digital artworks printed on physical media using his iPad. The artist takes a photograph of things that interest him using the iPad camera.

He then uses digital fingerpaints to add color to the artwork. All of the work on the art is done using the iPad from capturing the photo to adding the right colors and digital fingerpaints. After the artist completes the art on the iPad, he has it transferred to a physical canvas.

The canvas that Straus chooses isn't traditional cloth canvas like we are used to seeing artwork on. Straus has his iPad digital works printed on a raised metal frame measuring 20 x 24. He also adds an iPad home button at the bottom of the image.

If you see a piece of art that strikes you as something you have to have in your home or office, the pieces aren't cheap. Each piece of Straus' artwork costs $750.

Straus said, "I take a picture of something that captures me (using the camera on my iPad), then I use an app to fingerpaint a fresh, vibrant world. At the bottom of every image I paste an iPad button."

[via Topher Straus]