Are you ready for Blu-ray Music?

I'm not sure if the market is ready for Blu-Ray music but MedialnVision Creative Group looks to be the first to offer professional audio encoding and mastering for Blu-ray music production to independent recording artists.

Remember DVD-A and DTS-5.1 audio music? The latter barely made it to prime time and I could care less about DVD-A. SACD is another story, it hard to ignore the superiority of Direct-Stream Digital if you're into ultimate audio experience. The Blu-ray optical disk has potential to gather another multichannel audio format due to its storage space and with rival HD-DVD dead in the water. With single HD format in the market, the popularity could succeed and replace SACD in the future.

I watched the Blu-Ray version of John Legend – Live at the House of Blues concert, the quality of the uncompressed PCM tracks were electrifying, with excellent reproduction of vocals and piano. I wonder what it's like with a Blu-ray music-only compilation. But seriously, with 25GB per layer and up to 50GB currently used on Blu-ray production disk, Blu-ray has plenty of space to accommodate exceptional audio codec on top of the video. May be I will give it a spin when Patricia Barber makes it to Blu-ray music next time.