Apple Watch may be available outside US shortly after launch

Lately, Apple cEO has been making the rounds in Europe, stopping at various stores and chatting with employees. Now and then, we get tidbits of info about his chats. The last time we heard anything about his commentary on Apple Watch, it was that he wore it in the shower, suggesting it's a bit more water resistant than originally thought. Cook also said the Apple Watch was good for a full day of use. Now, he's saying it will be available outside the US just after launch.

According to unnamed employees, Apple's CEO says the Apple Watch will be available outside the US in April. Cook reportedly said this to Apple Store employees in Berlin, and said, specifically, that the Apple Watch would come to Germany sometime in early April.

There was no word on if any other countries or regions were specifically mentioned by Cook.

This is another exciting piece to the puzzle for those anticipating big things from Apple on March 9. Though we've got quite a bit of insight on Apple Watch, we don't know it all.

So far, Apple is busy erecting a tent just outside the events hall where they'll (presumably) give us more details on the Apple Watch next week. Though not necessarily confirmed as an Apple Watch hub, the tent is reminiscent of the outdoor space Apple erected last Fall, when they officially announced their wearable.

Until we know for sure, rumors of Apple Watch coming to more countries than the one I live in is exciting news. In the past, Apple (like most companies) launched stateside before gently rolling their items to other countries. With an expected first-run of 5 million Apple Watches, though, the company might have no reason not to let interested fans slap one on their wrist.

Source: 9to5Mac