Apple wants retrial, sales ban against Samsung

Nate Swanner - May 24, 2014, 2:20pm CDT
Apple wants retrial, sales ban against Samsung

Apple, who recently settled their ongoing dispute with Motorola and Google amicably, has no intent on following that up. Previous reports that suggested the Cupertino firm and Samsung would play nice has been found to be false, as Apple seeks a retrial of their latest spat with Samsung. They’re also seeking a ban of all Samsung devices that infringe on their patents.

The most recent trial saw Apple win a $100 million-plus settlement, and was believed to be the end of their disputes. The world over, Apple has won several cases involving Samsung devices encroaching on their patents, suggesting the litigation would see its day soon. The litigious nature of the relationship may end, but the feuding hasn’t stopped.

Apple is requesting a retrial based on prejudicial claims Samsung made to the jury. They’re also asking the opportunity to prove willful infringement of several patents, most notably “quick links”, which has to do with things like clicking a phone number on a web page to make a call. “Slide to unlock” and text prediction are also points of contention.

The retrial is a stretch, as is the sales ban. Judge Lucy Koh, who has the misfortune of catching all these cases between the two tech giants, refused a sales ban in the landmark 2012 trial. At that time, she deemed Apple hadn’t properly persuaded her to find that the Samsung devices in question would harm Apple sales.

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Via: Venture Beat

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