Apple to announce a tablet iPod Touch HD?

The latest rumor regarding what Apple will announce as their next breaking product. According to sources close to Apple, we can expect to see a large screen iPod Touch device to be released sometime in the fall of 2009. This device is said to have a 7 or 9-inch touchscreen.

The source said that they have had their hands on prototypes and Apple is now talking with OEMs in Asia about producing this device. Sources say that Apple has been experimenting wit a large form tablet device for years, but have reportedly been concerned that users would not like such a device.

Now with the App Store Apple has thousands of games and applications that can add support for a touchscreen tablet. The sources did not have any pricing information but with the iPhone 3G at $299 to $399 this device has to be pretty expensive.  All these rumors of a tablet device seem to stem from Apple not currently offering one. Whatever the case with every rumor we hear, we become more and more anxious to see how Apple would go about it.