Apple Sues Nokia in UK, Looks to Invalidate a Patent

The ongoing war between Apple and Nokia took another heated step late Wednesday evening, as the Cupertino-based company revealed they would be suing Nokia in the United Kingdom, in hopes of invalidating a particular touchscreen patent. The patent that Apple is looking to invalidate is the touchscreen scrolling patent that Nokia used to sue Apple in Germany, way back in September of 2010.

As of right now, the total count for patent disputes going on between the pair of companies is up to 37. Considering Nokia started the whole thing, most recently, it's no surprise that Apple is continuing to push the necessary buttons to make the legal actions continue. As we've seen in the past, Apple has already moved one legal battle to another court district. With all of the details swirling around, and more legal actions obviously going to take place into the distant future, it will be interesting to see how this whole thing turns out, one way or another.

As for the most recent suit, Apple hasn't commented on it, while Nokia has stated they will put up a strong defense against the current action.

[via Electronista]