Apple Stores Now Able to Sell Unlocked iPhones [update]

Well, it looks like the world is seriously at a strange tilt. We're getting word that, as of today, Apple Stores are going to be able to start selling iPhones, free of contract, and at list price. That means $499 for 8GB, $599 for 16GB, and $699 for for 32GB. There's rumors that this has something to do with the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus showing up on AT&T's network some time here in the next couple months, and the fact that AT&T now has a 3G-enabled Google Nexus One is nothing to scoff at either. Times, they-are-a-changin', and it looks like Apple is definitely on that boat as well.

As soon as we hear more, we'll pass it along. If you're out there, looking to purchase an iPhone free of contract, head on over to the Apple Store near you, and let us know how your trip turns out. If you get a phone, let us know!

[Update:] We have just been informed that the iPhones are not unlocked, but rather just contract free. Meaning, just like any other phone from AT&T, you can now either get the iPhone with a contract, or without one. You have options.