Apple sold more iPads than HP sold PCs in Q1 2012

Rue Liu - Jan 24, 2012, 7:00pm CST
Apple sold more iPads than HP sold PCs in Q1 2012

Apple reported record fiscal Q1 2012 earnings today with sales of its iPads and Macs well exceeding rivals’ sales of PCs. Specifically, the 15.4 million units sold of iPads alone already surpass HP’s worldwide PC sales of 14.7 million as well as Lenovo’s 12.9 million and Dell’s 11.6 million units.

For the first time, Apple has surpassed HP in both computer unit sales and revenues, making it the largest computer maker. Apple also isn’t fazed by the onslaught of cheaper tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire. Instead, Apple said it would continue to “innovate like crazy” on the iPad, which will continue to threaten PCs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the company’s belief that tablets will one day overtake PCs, citing IDC’s recent study that showed strong momentum with tablet sales already surpassing PC sales last quarter. Cook also emphasized that although iPad sales were having negative impact on PCs, it has not affected Mac sales.

[via AppleInsider]

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54 Responses to Apple sold more iPads than HP sold PCs in Q1 2012

  1. It’s irrelevant to compare iPad sales to PC sales. The iPad is a relatively new product and most people already own a PC. The iPad is used primarily for entertainment purposes while PCs are used for productivity as well as entertainment. Apples (excuse the pun) to Oranges…

    • next person to do the Apples and Oranges pun about Apple the company gets beaten to death.  This is your fair warning.

  2. Of course iPads outsold Pcs, everyone already has a PC and nothing new was introduced in that area for a while. I’ll be impressed when they say more people own iPads than own PCs.

    • This is likely to happen soon based on user behavior and cloud storage being on the horizon. I havent used my computer for days. Portability and ease of use point back to the IPad.

      • This
        is because you don’t have anything important to do, all you do is go to Facebook,
        check email and browse the web… because I have a tablet and I use my PC and lap every day!!!

        • Sure Koller, we know you are a very important person and you do very important work on your “lap” that cures diseases and feeds the hungry.

      • Yes but based on productivity ability, ipads/tablets will not replace PCs and/or Macs until they become PCs. Until I can run a full Office Suite, print easily, run complex applications such as Autocad, Quickbooks, database programs etc, they will just be toys and not PC replacements. Yes i do agree that they will, and probably already have, replaced PCs as the primary vehicle for the internet.

    • In my household we have 6 iPhones, 3 iPad 2s, 1 Mac Mini, one, high end PC, and 4 laptops. 2 of the laptops have windows 7 and are sub $300 ones. The other two are old POS that have Linux on them and never get used

  3. Samsung sold over 200 million phones in 2011… Does this mean PC sales are doomed? No. PC sales are fine, and the PC is going nowhere. Does everyone need a PC to browse facebook, google+, twitter, and all the other time-wasting sites? No. None of that data means bullocks… Please stop trying to link items that are coincidental…

    • Wtf 200 million phones were did you get that crap apple sells around 160 million they apple took Samsung down with the 4S the iPhone 4S was announced in the first quarter and that was all expectation of a new iPhone and apple has 47 percent of all smartphones sold in the first quarter get your facts right apple sold 37 million iPhones in 3 months and samsung is 2nd place did you even see there earnings and apple has half of all revenue of mobile handsets not just smartphones

      • Did you even read my post? Did I say anything about iphones? I was simply saying that making a statement about the PC’s demise by referencing other types of hardware sales isn’t logical. Quit naking an emotional argument… if you wonder about the samsung numbers sold, search oress releases. Regardless of whether smartphones or dumb, implying the death of anything based on sales of orher hardware (or even other phones) isn’t logical… that was the only point you should have taken from my original post…

  4. Lets face it, you have two choices when it comes to electronics. Mac, or not mac. HP is by far the worst PC maker, and anyone that knows 2 things about a computer will back me up on this. Apple, while not my preferred product, does a great job at creating a completely separate electronic culture from the rest of the electronics world. What does this mean? Perhaps when you start boosting at how great Apple is doing, we should start looking at how they are doing so well while still having such a small market share… I’ll save you some effort, their profit gains from all their devices is completely ridiculous compared to the rest of the electronics world (especially when you consider R&D amount they claim is probably more than they spend). All that being said… a more interesting fact and something to consider is the fact that people who buy a PC tend to keep it way longer than anyone that owns a mac, as well as paying considerably less… in fact most non-apple devices have a longer life cycle than apple products. hmmm makes you wonder. 

      • Hardware reliability for HP is terrible and their computers come with more crap programs on them than any other manufacture. They are continually ranked the worst in PC by PC centered sites and mags when it comes to customer choice. 

    • I agree with most of what you said but not life cycle part
      Lets face it, PC’s (Windows) slows down considerably if NOT maintained properly. Now most people that actually read and keep up to date about electronics have no problem with this however majority of the people don’t know shit. Therefore their computers slows down considerably over time killing the machine faster still. In my OPINION (<- very important) MACs' can run cleaner then WINDOWS and don't have to be formatted every month ( 3 desktops (one high end) 4 laptops (one MAC-book) 1 iPhone 1 iPodTouch 2 androids (galaxy nexus is mine) 1 shity nokia and 1 blackberry 

      Love my MAC and PC and GALAXY NEXUS but HATE the iPHONE

        • Let’s not get into the Mac vs winders comparison here. I crash my PC W7 as much as I get the beachball of doom on my Mac. It’s all in the software junk you or someone installs on your system!

          iPads and other Tablets will over take PC sales and stay there since they have the processing power necessary to do all but the most processor intensive uses like video editing, compiling and end user specific tasks that don’t have sw written for them yet!

          Give it a few years and you will see laptops being used by less and less for a smaller alternative solution!

  5. Tablets are a long way away from replacing the PC thats why most people have one and most people don’t have a pad/tablet.

  6. These kind of articles are ridiculous and makes you wonder the IQ level of writers. First of all they compared IPad sales to “HP” sells to try to make a point. How about showing the entire total number of PC’s by all manufactures and putting that “total number” next to the IPad sale. Oh wait that won’t make IPad sales look as amazing. And as previously mentioned people already own PC’s and the only reason they would buy one is because they are replacing an old one and right now most people don’t have Tablets so that is why they are selling. People also keep PC’s longer now since they don’t become outdated as quickly as before and people who buy such things like IPad’s and IPhone’s are people who have to have the latest thing even if its no different than what they already own.

    • Simply put.. because HP used to be the biggest computer seller. They are now outsold by ipads.

      I’m not sure if ipads are or should be classified as pcs or what. That’s up to whoever tallies this info, I suppose. But if they are considered a pc, this makes apple the number one seller.

      Again, It’s an issue of perception. Is an Android phone the number one selling phone? No, the iphone is. But android in total outsells ios. Is the number one selling computer a windows pc? Not any longer, but windows machines outsell osx and ios.

      Android is number one (selling mobile OS)
      Windows is number one (selling desktop OS)
      IPhone is number one selling phone
      Ipad is number one selling “desktop”

      One thing is for sure, It’s a lot harder to marginalize apple owners nowadays.

      • Look for the definition of “desktop”, and is iPad really a desktop?? It’s tablet, the term has been widely accepted, don’t confuse yourself..

  7. #1.  Most people have a computer.  And they are not replacing their computer that frequently nowadays.

    #2. Most people don’t have a tablet.  So therefore tablet sales will go up.

  8. Show me ANYONE who will offer me more than a $ dollar for ANY PC purchased 5 (five) or more years ago regardless of brand and specs…I’m still waiting. Thought so! Now I constantly see sales and purchases of “old” MACs. The simple fact is that a MAC will retain some value for a much longer period of time while “old” PCs collect dust because no one wants to pay to send them to a landfill. A brand new PC is usually worth half as much as you paid as soon as you open the box.

    • 5 years is approaching a stretch though… Once you go back to g5 and g4 the value drops sharply…

      A 5 year old 12-15″ pc laptop is worth about $150 in good running condition. A same vintage macbook about $450. (Basically the same price difference on the shelf when they were new.)

      • I’ve never bought a used computer… my new ones get bsd or linux. Gaming on windows – only real contender outside of consoles for me. Mac? The wife likes it… To each their own-diversity make competition work for us all…

    • I still use 10yo PCs for sever things, they are completely upgrade-able. I know companies and even countries that can still use PCs that are 20yo. The reason a PC loses value after 5+ years for resale is because of how inexpensive “modern” PCs are. Old PCs are very often recycled into several different things… Macs retain resale value cause of extremely high they are priced. Basically my PC is like a old 1970s truck… can be rust covered and barely gets into 2nd gear, but it works and it doesn’t go out of style and get replaced like a 2007 mustang (nothing wrong with mustangs… just tend to be resold alot faster)

    • I’d pay more than a dollar for a maxed out precision 690, and I’d probably be willing to pay quite a bit for a T7400 come November (when it turns 5) if it really had 128GB RAM and 5TB storage. If you look on ebay you can usually get a few hundred for a decent system independent of age.

      It is better to recycle PCs, but if you were going to send them to a landfill many people would just put them in with their regular trash.

      Both PCs and Macs,  like many goods are more affordable used than new (look at the change in price of a car 3 days off the dealer’s lot). You can use this to your advantage and buy a 3 month old PC/Mac at a substantial discount, at which point it should hold its value well.

    • I would. Easily. I’m still using a 5-year-old custom-built PC as a backup computer/server. Try dropping a faster processor onto a Mac – you’ll find that doesn’t tend to work quite as well.

  9. iPad sales are not computer sales. The amount of straw grasping from the general blogging community over this is just absolutely pathetic.

    • No, but, they sold more ipads than HP did laptops. I think that’s the point, here.

      At $500… With a good profit none of which goes to Microsoft.

      Pretty major accomplishment.

      Makes one wonder what will happen when macbook goes “slate” to challenge win8 slates. (Not to be confused with arm powered win8 tablets.)

      • Ummm None of which went to Microsoft? Really? How about the licensing that apple has to pay to Microsoft for all the technology patents used in every ipad? Activesync comes to mind. How about the servers apple uses to run their entire empire, most of those last I checked were microsoft and figured into the cost of running apple. How about those little handheld things they ring you up at the apple store with, you know they say symbol technologies? I do believe those are running windows mobile (Which BTW is based on nt Embedded technology)
        Actually come to think of it the ipad depends so heavily on non apple technology. And the “mac” is just an intel pc with custom bsd so really what is it exactly apple does, again? Oh yea brainwash kids to pester their parents into buying them a new ipad every year.

        • You hit the nail right on the head.. Apple people are the only people I know that have to have the latest phone every 6 months even if their current iPhone has 95 percent of the features the new phone has. Thats why apple sells the amount of phones they sell every time they release a new phone because they have brain washed apple people that they have to have the latest iPhone. Android and PC/Windows people are ok with having a 5 year old PC as long as it runs the programs they need and are used to using. And do not get brained washed by a newer gadget just because it has a nicer interface. 

          Windows people say if it runs my programs then why do I need to upgrade? Apple people say.. hey my old iPhone doesn’t have Siris here is $300 more apple!

        • Smack dab right on the nail.

          Apple success is, you MUST HAVE the newest device or otherwise you don’t get this cool feature.

          I see adults going gaga over a flashy new feature on the iPhone that other phones may have had for years.  But the other people? A Phone is a Phone.  Who cares if it can do that or not. It’s not life or death.  Nice to have, but not needed (right now).

    • I agree with you 100%.. but the sad part is the casual computer user who has no idea what the word OPERATING SYSTEM means and who probably thinks his or her monitor is the computer will think.. HEY ! apple is the best!

  10. This
    guy, Rue Liu always make this kind of articles with 0% of objectivity
    and most of his articles, this is the kind of articles that fan boys love and don’t

  11. Apple also sold more iPads tham they did Macs. And HP sold more PC’s than Apple sold Macs.

    The whole article is a running non sequitor.

  12. Don’t mean to be blunt but its the dead artist effect. Passing of Steve jobs made this demand. And apple will try to ride on this as long as they can

  13. Over 525 million Win7 licenses have been activated. Add that to the astounding number of PCs running XP to get a real picture. Also, note that he Chinese pirate Windows to the umpteenth degree. Apple sells many devices no doubt, but it’s a big world out there.

    • Good point.. so when you put things into perspective its like saying Los Angeles owns all Mac’s but the rest of the country owns PC’s. And people always want to point to the fact that Apple makes more money per product.. what does that really to us? That apple is pretty smart when it comes to making a profit but at the end of the day if 90 percent of PC’s have Windows that means that the public still prefers PC’s. I could really care less how much money each company makes that doesn’t prove that its products are better or affect my life one bit.

      Do you really think that when someone goes to the store to buy a computer they are asking the customer service guy.. “So which one of these manufactures makes the most profit?” in order to make a decision on which computer to buy? 

  14. I guess I would respond to that as more Apple twisting numbers to their advantage. Yes, we know PC sales are slumping and the new Tablet such as the iPads are selling well. So what? I think most know that otherwise you would not see all the companies scrambling to make their own tablet. 

  15. People buy a new PC because they need a new PC (and, really, people just don’t need new PCs like they used to–unless you’re a gamer [latest and greatest]). People buying iPads never really wanted a PC anyway, probably didn’t even need one (and they’re probably more interested in chic).

    And, by the way, you do know that the iPad is a Personal Computer… don’t you?

    • iPad is not a PC, it cannot run complex applications (custom databases, Autocad, Quickbooks, etc). All it can run are apps, which are far from being applications. An iPad is just a toy at this point.

  16. I make a 6 figure income on a PC. How much you making on your iPad? Real business runs on Windows. Anything that begins with “i” is a toy. Tablets will only overtake PCs with the e-mail/facebook/angry birds users. 

  17. Apple is an “absolute” juggernaut.Apple is “literally” taking their competition (out behind the woodshed) and bashing their f_ckin brains in.

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