Apple Posts iOS 4.2.6 Firmware - Verizon iPhone Ahoy!

That's right all ye shipmates, as the pre-order stage for Verizon's version of the Apple iPhone is only a few days away, it seemed almost inevitable that at any time now, there'd be a firmware update to all iPhone across the universe. Turns out that time was now, and the update is here. It's iOS 4.2.6 (8E128) and you're just gonna love it.

Of course, you'll not see very many changes (if any at all, whatsoever) if you do grab this update, but you're encouraged to look for it anyway as it is the next in line for the device. When the Verizon iPhone was demoed earlier this month, it featured iOS 4.2.5, so changes and tweaks to the system since then are probably minor.

UPDATE: apparently only the Verizon version of the iPhone (yes, there are some floating around out there already) will be getting this update, at least in the near future as far as we know.

[Via MacRumors]