Apple pimping MacBooks with extra security for K-12 laptop programs

Kansas City and some places in Southwest Louisiana will be getting some customized MacBooks due to a contract Apple landed with those school districts. Basically they are just adding the necessary security upgrades that the schools required, but there's nothing basic about the upgrades.

I kind of wonder if these school districts aren't fronts for CIA training camps, I mean Apple is adding in GPS tracking for the notebooks, the ability to remotely destroy the hard drive of a stolen school MacBook, and a sticker that is said to destroy the notebook if someone tries to remove it. Those are some pretty hardcore security updates for some school laptops.

Next they are going to contract Panasonic to ruggedize their notebook lineup and start accepting government contracts. Anyways, hopefully they start offering some of these features to normal customers like you and I.

Apple customizing MacBooks for K-12 [via TUAW]