Apple patents suggest possible flip phone model coming to iPhone lineup

This patent is more for a new type of screen than for any one actual device. The patent describes a touch-screen type of interface that is transparent and can work from both sides of the screen.

Basically it means that a touchscreen embedded in the top half of a clamshell cell phone could be seen and interacted with from both sides of the same screen, without a separate screen on each side being needed. They show it being implemented into both a phone type device and then into a notebook or convertible tablet of some sort.

Other parts of the patent include sensors that would detect the orientation of the display, whether it's closed or opened, and would adjust things accordingly. There is also mention of using an OLED display and a hole in part of the notebook to reach the same part of screen that way, and then, since its OLED, being able to shut off the rest of the screen. All very cool stuff, no idea when or if we'll ever see it implemented, but personally, I love the form factor and appearance of the iPhone as it is, I dare say its timeless, I'd just like a few feature upgrades.

[via PhoneMag]