Apple iPad official accessories priced

While we spent twenty minutes grabbing hands-on video with the Apple iPad yesterday, something we didn't get to play with were the official iPad accessories.  Over at iLounge they've had better luck, giving some first impressions and pricing details for the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock, Apple iPad Case, Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter and Apple iPad Camera Connector Kit.

Something we reckon a lot of iPad buyers will consider is the Keyboard Dock ($69), and while the QWERTY layout may look just like one of Apple's regular 'boards in actual fact there are shortcuts for controlling the iPad's search function, homescreen and other features.  Since the iPad lacks either an SD card slot or a USB port, the Camera Connector Kit ($29) seems another likely purchase, though we're frustrated that – given how integral iPhoto seemed to be in Apple's keynote – neither are standard.

If you want to show Keynote presentations, the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29) seems a sensible buy – and again, we're frustrated Apple couldn't squeeze either a Mini DisplayPort or Mini HDMI connector in there somewhere – and finally there's the iPad Case ($39).  Despite Steve Jobs saying the latter is one of the nicest cases he's seen, iLounge reckon it's pretty bare-bones and of lesser quality than previous Apple-brand iPod cases.