Apple Giving $100 Refund For iPads Purchased Within Last Two Weeks

Apple's first-generation iPad has been kicked to the bargain bin now that the iPad 2 has been officially announced to arrive on March 11th. Now is the perfect time to pick up the first-gen iPad if you're on a budget as resellers have dropped $100 off the original price. But if you were unfortunate enough to have jumped the gun and purchased an iPad before the discounted pricing began, there's still good news for you.

Simply bring your receipt to the Apple store as proof you purchased your iPad within the last two weeks–after February 16th–to receive a $100 refund. The process should be pretty painless, as Apple has done this before with their Mac revamps. Although the window of two weeks seems short, it is better than none.

If this becomes a trend, then budget hunters should keep their ears perked on major Apple announcement events. However, Apple did only give a weeks notice for Wednesday's announcement. And with stocks low on reseller shelves, you'll have to act quickly.

[via Cult of Mac]