Apple gets exciting new patent granted!

Apple was recently granted a patent for a 'hybrid low power computer mouse'. I wonder what this could mean? My Wireless Mouse by Apple requires new AA batteries almost very week, and it is eating away at "AA Battery money". I'm sure a lot of other people are excited when they hear that Apple will release a low power product.

This could also mean good for GreenPeace, an organization that has been pinning Apple's bum bum for a while now about their evironmentally-unfriendly products. Atleast now maybe less AA batteries will be used, along with less production of the dangerous substances inside the mouse.

Along with a lengthy descriptions, pics can be found on patent 7,154,477. MacsimumNews has some information about the phone, along with a picture and description filed on the patent site. Take a look at their site.

Apple granted patent for 'hybrid low power computer mouse [Via: MacsimumNews]