Apple files legal opposition to a meal app's pear logo

Apple's partially bitten apple logo has remained practically unchanged since the beginning except for the color. Given how it is one of the most iconic logos today, it isn't surprising that it will fight tooth and nail to protect it against trademark violators and copycats, of which there are many. What you might expect, however, is for Apple to attack any company, big or especially small, that uses any fruit for a logo, which is apparently what it has been doing almost silently until a certain Prepear app decided they won't take things sitting down.

Prepear is an app that aims to help parents discover new recipes, arrange grocery deliveries, and prepare meals, hence the name. It also uses the outline of a pear for its logo, hence the name, sometimes in black but also in green. Although the shapes are completely different and the purposes are worlds apart, Apple seems to think that consumers will be confused and associate Prepear with Apple.

At least that's what Apple claims in its opposition to Prepear's trademark filing, which was submitted on the very last day allowed to oppose the trademark that was filed way back in 2017. Since then, Apple has been filing for extensions, allegedly as a strategy to either tire out Prepear or run its finances dry from legal fees.

Given the obvious differences between the two logos, the case would have been almost comical if not for the real risk to small companies who suddenly find themselves in Apple's legal crosshairs. And it isn't just Prepear, either, as many companies with fruity logos and even less similar iconography have also been attacked but decided to fold under pressure and the threat of bankruptcy.

Prepear, however, is prepared (no pun intended) to take up the cause for small companies to send Apple a message. At this point, however, all it has is a and the power of the media but the small company admits it won't be able to hold out for long.