Apple Collapsible Ports

So, Apple goes and files a patent for collapsible ports (USB, FireWire, etc, you get the idea). Now everyone is talking ultra-portable, ultra mobile, its just ridiculous that at the first sign of a cool feature that just so happens to save space, they are conspiring to make a new device.

Since when have "Apple" and "Innovation" become so distant that something so small all of the sudden means a new device, could it be that maybe Apple just had a good idea and though about leveraging on their current products to make them thinner, more sleek, better looking?

I think they are due for an entirely new device instead of continuous updates on the current ones, but I don't think this is a definite sign of one, and why would Apple make and ultra portable when they have the Macbook and the specs are just about perfect for an ultra portable? If I had to guess, and I do since there is no fact to back it up, I would go with either a tablet or a UMPC, especially considering how well their iPhone is going over.

Apple files patent for collapsible ports [via TUAW]