Another Fortnite godmode invincibility exploit found: How it works

Fortnite players have found another so-called 'godmode' exploit that gives players a type of invincibility. This isn't the first time we've seen a godmode bug in the battle royale game and it probably won't be the last time. The bug has, according to the streamer who brought attention to it, been live in the game for at least three days, having managed to live through a game patch and beyond.

A godmode exploit is, of course, a game bug that makes the player invincible. The last time such a bug was discovered, it enabled players to win matches without taking any sort of damage from players or the storm; this latest bug appears to be similar, though as with before, using the exploit to get Victory Royales may result in your account getting suspended.

The new exploit comes from YouTuber's Glitch King, who quickly walks players through the steps for triggering the bug in the video above. The entire process can be completed quickly once you know what you're doing, but as mentioned, using it to your advantage — particularly in Arena — could jeopardize your account.

According to Glitch King, the best place to pull off this move is the Risky Reels drive-in theater. You'll need to land in front of the screen near the hay bale, drive a car next to that pile of straw, and then whack it with your pickax. After doing that, climb up to the top of the screen and jump onto the pile, shooting it a single time immediately before striking the hay.

If performed correctly, this should trigger a character glitch. From there, simply get into the car parked next to the hay bale and start driving. When you get out of the car, your character will be floating and will be invincible...but you'll only be able to 'walk' by driving the car, so make sure you fill it up with gas before performing the exploit.