And you thought you were mad at Comcast

This seemingly kind old lady got so angered with Comcast, she waltzed into their offices with their equipment in arms and then proceeded to smash it to bits, with a hammer, she bashed it all to hell. She did have a good reason though, sadly she got arrested too.

So here is the scenario, you call up to get Comcast's Comcastic Triple Play installed and set up, the first time around they, without any warning or notification, cancel your appointment. Then finally, the second time they come, but they half ass it and leave before they finished setting everything up.

Then, later that same week, before they had even come back and finished setting it up, they disconnected her service. By my count that's three strikes, but, Mrs. Shaw was keeping her cool, she went to her local offices to talk to the manager, he left her waiting for 2 hours, and then the gutless prick slipped out the back so he didn't have to talk to her. That was strike for, and even Mrs. Shaw couldn't let it go now, so she gathered up her equipment, took it to the customer service office, and smashed the hell out of it with a hammer. She wound up getting arrested for disorderly conduct, how's that for Comcastic?

Maybe they should start putting less money into their advertising, and a lot more into customer service, a good place to start would probably be to stop hiring a bunch of out of town contractors to come in and do all these installs, hire local people, who have to worry about running into the people they screw, and don't just contract them out either, actually hire them. Me, myself, and I, I am thinking about ditching our Comcast service in favor of a new FTTH program our local electric company started, I have outages all the time with Comcast.

Granny smashes Comcast equipment with claw hammer [via crunchgear]