Analyst - PlayStation 2 is nearly at the end of its life

I enjoy my Xbox 360, it sees a lot more action these days because I can play Guitar Hero on it. However, despite the fact that it's a generation (not to mention many years) old, I still love my PlayStation 2. It has been a faithful console, and has been with me for many years. Unfortunately, according to analysts, the console may finally be put out to pasture.

Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel believes that the recent drop in sales may be a sign of things to come. "PlayStation 2 software sales fell 47%Y/Y to $85mn, representing a deceleration from the 33% Y/Y decline last month. While this substantial decline was inevitable, it is currently unclear whether the drop reflects consumer transition to next-gen software or weak spending patterns amongst the low-end consumer. Needless to say, with tougher comps ahead for PS2 software sales, we think that the PS2 may finally be on its way out of the industry for good," says Patel.

I don't really think the PS2 is going anywhere any time soon. It's been a solid system for a long time, and there are more great titles for it than you can shake a stick at. (just try, I dare you!) I remember back when the Dreamcast "died." While I don't think this is entirely the same situation, I think that Sony can still realize their dream of stretching the lifespan of the console a full 10 years.

PS2 On its Way Out for Good; EA to Reduce Pricing on Underperforming Sports Games? [via gamedaily]