AME Height-Adjustable Desk with LCD Overkill

Ikea has a range of height-adjustable desks that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.  Well, Australian workspace designers AME have taken it two or three steps further, with an ergonomic desk that has support for up to twelve flat-panel displays and four PCs.


Alternating between sitting and standing while at work has been shown to reduce the likelihood of back and posture issues, and an easily adjustable surface also makes hot-desking (where multiple users timeshare a workspace) far more comfortable.  Not to mention the fact that it looks very cool!

More than one desk can be coupled together to make a continuous arc, and AME's innovative locking aluminium profiles make adapting a work area relatively easy.  Check out their website for availability.

AME System Pty. Ltd. [via THE RAW FEED]