AMD Opteron 3200 Series targets low-power servers

Ben Kersey - Mar 20, 2012, 7:59am CDT
AMD Opteron 3200 Series targets low-power servers

AMD may not have a particularly large market share in the chip market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nipping away at Intel’s heels. One area they’re hoping to gain more ground in is the server and dedicated hosting market. Today AMD announced a new chip series specifically aimed for those applications, the Opteron 3200.

AMD say the new chip is a “server-class product”, but at a desktop price point. They’ve designed the 3200 series to draw a low amount of power, but with the necessary performance to boot. AMD claim that the new chip offers 38% better price performance, and draws 19% less power per core over rival Intel’s Xeon chips.

The nitty gritty details? The 3200 series runs between a 45 and 65W TDP, clocks in at 2.7Ghz that can run up to 3.7Ghz when needed, and supports DDR3 memory up to 1866Mhz. There will be 4 and 8-core versions that will both have 8MB of L3 cache.

The Operton 3200 series begins shipping today, with hardware partners including MSI, Tyan, and Dell. Fujitsu will also be using the chip in their new server, the 3000 Series MX130.

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