AMD Llano APU prices leak

If the thought of the AMD Llano family of Fusion APUs has you all excited for some CPU and integrated GPU love, prices on some of that hardware have now leaked. According to some research, DigiTimes did on the coming Llano parts and some Bulldozer parts the prices look pretty good. The chart DigiTimes cooked up even puts the competing Intel product into the mix.

AMD is still looking to ship about a million notebook focused Llano APUs in June, 1.5M in July, and a total of 8-9 million Llano APUs for 2011 as a whole. The Llano quad-core A8-3550P will sell for $170 and the A8-3550 will sell for $150 with both targeting the Core i5-2300 from Intel. The quad-core Llano A6-3450P will sell for $130 with the A6-3450 selling at $110 with both targeting the Core i3-2120/2010 processor.

The Llano A4-3350P will sell for $80 and is aimed at the Pentium G6960/6950 and Sandy Bridge G800/600 parts from Intel. The AMD Llano E2-3250 is only $70 and targets the Pentium G620 processor. On the higher-end of the range are the Bulldozer offerings with an octo-core FX-8130P going for $320 and the FX-8130 for $290 with both aiming for the Core i7 2600K/2600. The last two Llano parts include the six-core FX-6110 at $240 and the quad-core FX-4110 at $220. Those last two parts target the Core i5 2500K/2500.

[via DigiTimes]