AllSeen Alliance formed by big-named companies for Internet of Things unification

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 10, 2013, 12:01am CST
AllSeen Alliance formed by big-named companies for Internet of Things unification

The so-called “Internet of Things,” which includes such devices as connected thermostats and baby monitors with network-equipped cameras, are gaining traction quickly, and with that comes the need for companies and devices to play together nicely, mostly in terms of following unified standards. Many big-name companies, among them being the likes of LG, Sharp, and Cisco, have formed a coalition to do this called the AllSeen Alliance.

The idea behind the alliance, as it calls itself, is to make sure that Internet-connected home devices all follow standards that allow them to communicate. As such, one would not be limited to products only from a specific maker, and a connected device from one will be able to communicate properly with a device from another. This standardization has been attempted at times, but so far the entire process has been chugging at a slow rate.

The AllSeen Alliance is comprised of: Qualcomm, LG Electronics, Sharp, Haier, Panasonic, Silicon Image, Cisco, TP-LINK. Canary, doubleTwist, Fon, Harman, HTC, Le Shi, Lifx, Liteon, Moxtreme, Musaic, Sears Brand Management Corporation, Sproutling, The Sprosty Network, Weaved, and Wilocity. This makes the coalition the largest in its category, and will hopefully spawn quicker action than has otherwise happened in the Internet of Things industry.

Said the Linux Foundation in a statement, “[The AllSeen Alliance seeks to] ensure that more and more electronic products can work together, regardless of brand, in the new era of smarter technology. The move is aimed at accelerating the Internet of Everything, which will transform homes and businesses with a wide range of everyday devices, objects and machines that are always connected and communicating.”

SOURCE: Venture Beat

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