Aerielle i2i Stream splits music sources wirelessly

In what is quite possibly the worlds dumbest idea, Aerielle, the company that makes FM transmitters for the likes of Kensington, iRiver, and SanDisk, has released the i2i Stream. Why is it the dumbest idea ever you might ask, well I'll tell you, it's a pair of devices that wirelessly stream music from one to the other, but require a charged battery and headphones and have a maximum range of 30 ft.

The stupidity doesn't stop there, because I could buy a headphone splitter right now for $.45 (I checked) and get the same thing, albeit without the 30 foot range. But they want to charge $129 for a pair of these, or $69 for one.

So to recap, I have to mess with charging the device each time, I have to bring my own headphones, and my own audio source, and the audio source has to be physically cabled into one of the devices and you want to charge me $129 or $69 individually for this convenience that doesn't sound at all convenient. I could get a battery powered, iPod docking radio for less than this, or like I said before, a splitter and 2 pairs of fairly good headphones, either one, maybe even both, for less that what they want for one of these units, no thanks, but if you find yourself looking for something like this for some weird reason, they can be had here.

Aerielle intros i2i Stream [via crave]