Adults following teens into alternative social networks: Pew Internet

Recently it came to blindingly bright light that teens don't like Facebook because that's where their moms and dads are. Surprise! Teens don't like their parents knowing what they're up to. But a study released today shows that parents are hot on the trail and expanding their social networking presence to alternative platforms.

Last week's study showed that teens are all but abandoning Facebook for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. That scientific confirmation of a widely known trend came by way of The Global Social Media Impact Study. This week, adults were the focus.

Adults are no longer sticking with just Facebook, the Pew Research Center's Internet Project has determined. A full 42% of adults now use more than one service for their online social networking habits. This does not necessarily confirm that they are merely following teens into the lesser known territories. Taken with the previous study, however, it would seem to indicate who is really leading the charge here, and that's teenagers.

The Pew study also found that 72% of adults use social media "of some kind". The study also confirmed Facebook is still the reigning platform among adults. Whether that remains the case could very well be up to the teens whose movements, if you can believe this, their parents are so keen to keep close tabs on.

SOURCE: Pew Internet

IMAGE: Social Maximizer