Activision Unveils PS3 Launch Titles

Benjamin Nied - Nov 7, 2006

Activision has decided that, even though we’ve still got a while before the PlayStation 3 makes its way over to Europe (sorry guys), it’s time that we find out exactly what will be available for all the happy new owners once the consoles hit shores in March. Since this is the first hint as to what European gamers will be able to see when they trade a mountain of cash for a shiny new console, here’s the list:

  • Call of Duty 3
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  • Tony Hawk Project 8

Not much, but it gives you some idea as to what Activision plans of focusing on come launch day. So let’s cross out fingers that this massive Blu-ray diode shortage doesn’t force an even-greater delay and that this console gets out on-time.

[via IGN]

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