Activision to publish Battleship video game based on movie

Publisher Activision has been granted the rights to release a video game based on a movie based on a board game. We're talking about Battleship, and even though you may think you know how to play the game, trust us when we say this PS3 and Xbox 360 title will involve a little bit more than plastic red and white pegs. It'll be an all-out naval combat simulation, and it's due out in the spring of this year ahead of its theatrical tie-in namesake.

It's pretty ridiculous in the first place to think of the classic board game being turned into a full-length feature film. But then again, the connection between the two really exist in name only, as the movie seems to be your standard popcorn action flick. What will be more interesting is to see how the video game version adapts and whether or not it will include odes the deacdes-old strategy game classic.

Here's how a press release describes the game: "Combining naval strategy simulation with first-person shooter gameplay, players fend off the enemy beachside while ordering attacks against their marine counterparts. Seamlessly switching between battlefield and overview "Battle Command" map, the Hasbro game is brought to life as carriers, frigates, cruisers, destroyers, submarines and the legendary USS Missouri Battleship pummel the enemy in a race to strategic points that turn the tide of battle." It doesn't sound to us like there will be much dialogue like, "Hey, you sunk my battleship."

[via Gamezone]