Milkscanner - 3D Mapping Does A Body Good

3D scanning technology is cool, but unfortunately it requires complex equipment that will cost you a good chunk of change. That, or you can just make your own with stuff you have lying around.

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Friedrich Kirschner got the brilliant idea to use a small tub, a Lego-mounted webcam and some milk to make his very own 3D scanner. The idea is that he slowly fills the tub with milk, thus surrounding the object and allowing the webcam to record it. A piece of software translates it and an then import it into moviesandbox.

It's such a simple design that it almost blows you away. From the video it looks as though it is fairly precise. It is still a work in progress, I'd be interested to find out how he can improve upon this idea.

Milkscanner – 3D mapping that's good for you [via hackaday]