ABI Research predicts 145 million tablets will ship in 2013

Shane McGlaun - Jan 24, 2013, 5:36am CST
ABI Research predicts 145 million tablets will ship in 2013

ABI Research is predicting a big year for global tablet shipments in 2013. ABI Research predicts that in 2013 145 million tablets will ship. ABI isn’t the only company predicting huge tablet shipments in 2013. Previously research firm Gartner predicted that global PC shipments would decline in 2013 as tablet shipments increased.

Gartner said that most consumers are replacing aging PCs with tablets rather than purchasing new computers. The research firm says that the 145 million number will be reached thanks to a combination of new market entrants, more affordable choices for consumers, and an increased growth by businesses. ABI predicts that 19% of all tablet ship in 2013 will be purchased by businesses.

The company expects more OEM PC manufacturers to unveil tablets specifically designed for the workplace. Interestingly, ABI says that some cannibalization of the PC installed base is likely to occur from tablets, but most new tablet opportunities in the business environment will come from workers that have worked without the benefit of computing technology so far.

That means ABI is predicting businesses will purchase tablets rather than computers for workers who previously had no computer for mobile work. ABI also doesn’t believe that tablets are the entire reason why the E-reader market is declining. ABI says that the aging Baby Boomer population is a waning audience and the dedicated E-reader market will disappear if world regions don’t organize digital publishing markets no matter how quickly tablets are adopted.

[via ABI Research]

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