A White PS3 on eBay

After seeing the PS3 market on eBay, Michael Birecki realized that he wasn't going to make much money selling his ordinary black PS3. And so, he took advantage of his father's car dealership/body shop and painted his PS3 a glossy white. Although Sony initially planned to release the PS3 in three colors, black, silver, and white, the black is the only one currently available.

So, unless you yourself can accomplish the same 14-hour meticulous paint job, this could be your opportunity to possess possibly the only white PS3 in the world right now. The eBay auction for this white 60GB PS3 will end on December 31st, and bids are already up to $1,525.01 as of this writing. But do note, due to the paint job tampering, you lose the warranty.

Dreaming of a White PS3 Christmas [Via: Kotaku]