A Walking, Talking, Dancing, Squalking Robot Man

My favourite sci-fi film for as long as I can remember is The Day The Earth Stood Still.  What stands out particularly is the sight of guard-robot Gort, he of the impecable posture and few words, move from guarding the flying saucer to club the soldiers patrolling around it.  Still, perhaps it would've been an even more interesting movie had Gort been able to speak (though not as much as C3PO, obviously) – quoting some Shakespeare perhaps while melting guns in the hands of soldiers.  Klaatu should've spoken to the Botmag people.

They've taken a Robonova kit and added the Quadravox QV306M1 sound chip, capable of storing up to four minutes of chopped-up audio and spitting it out on demand.  Complex sentences (whether those be Homer Simpson-style "D'oh, my foot!" moments of Asimo stumbling or dark mutterings about taking over the world) can be built up using the PC software and docking station.

£57 for the sound chip is a reasonable price when you think that the Robonova itself costs from around $949.

Botmag [via MAKE:]