A tale of two screens

Everyone's laptop has one screen on it. Ok, I actually have one that doesn't have a screen at all, but that's a whole different story. But how many people have a laptop with two screens? Intel hopes that their new concept PC will change the way people look at laptops, literally.

Their 'metro notebook' features a small color e-ink display on the outside of the laptop. This allows for quick checking of information when the unit is closed. Being e-ink technology, the image will stay on the screen even after the notebook is powered off.

They haven't revealed much about this current concept PC. However, it is being designed as a completely wireless unit, with integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. They are even tossing around the idea of integrating an inductive connection-less charging pad. This would allow you to recharge your mobile devices while they're sitting atop the laptop.

Intel restyles laptop as wireless fashion accessory [via reghardware]