A-Data releasing 64GB SSD

A-Data is making their contributions to the ever-increasing line-up of SSD drives with drive available in 1.8 or 2.5-inch sizes and capacities up to 64GB. Their main design force is to make their drives for desktops, but they could also be used in PMPs, UMPCs, and Laptops.

By now I don't think I need to go through the whole spiel about how SSD is the next great format because of the high read speeds, zero access times, low heat, low power, and the fact that its unaffected by vibration, but there it is. As always, the one downside to SSD is still price, maybe some day these companies will combine their efforts making production faster, cheaper, and better allowing them to drive the cost of SSD down so it can actually take a hold on the market, but probably not.

No word on price, but they'll like be available soon, that is if they aren't already available, but the SSD drives tend to cost a small fortune so hopefully you are ready to pay it.

A-Data announces 64GB solid state disk [via pclaunches]