A $750 Orange Zune? No Thanks!

Just because you dress the Zune up in another color doesn't necessary make it worth $750.  I recommend that you save your hard earned money for Apple's new video iPod or maybe the Apple phone (should it come out soon).

The unlucky owner of this "very rare" ORANGE Zune (number 083 of 100) tried to auction off the player at a starting bid of $750 plus a shipping charge of $20 (through snailmail).

The auction ran on Ebay for 24 hours without a single bid, despite the note from the seller stating that it wont get re-listed if no buys it. Um...good lucky on this one bud.

Make sure to check for inappropriate adult content should you buy it ☺.

Orange Zune limited edition on Ebay [Ebay Auction]