95% Euro users uninterested in mobile TV

Chris Davies - Sep 24, 2007

Since I’m a humble tech writer I can laugh at the news that a mere 5-percent of European cellphone users expressed any sort of desire to view TV on their handsets in the next twelve months; if I were a carrier, happily upgrading my network to cater for exactly that sort of mobile media (or an investor, knowing my money was being spent on it), I’d be less likely to see the funny side.  But it turns out that for all the growing options consumers simply aren’t interested in using their mobile phone as a tiny TV.


Ironically, it comes shortly after research company Analysys warned that any investment in mobile TV should be carefully balanced with accurate predictions of customer demand and an awareness of other media suppliers:

“Our research shows that there is an expectation of real demand for mobile TV services, driven by the premium that users place on convenience, and this could be expected to represent a significant revenue opportunity. However, recent evidence suggests that the mobile TV market could be significantly more complex than the existing terrestrial broadcast environment” Jim Morrish, Senior Consultant, Analysys

Even in Asia, widely acknowledged as heavy users of mobile TV, only 20-percent of those surveyed expressed a desire to watch content on their handsets.  Key among the arguments against is the comparatively small display, although phones with built-in projectors may be able to change that.  Undoubtedly the operators will still suggest that cellular TV is a technology poised to take off and simply in need of a unique selling point, but increasingly consumers are looking simply unwilling to buy.


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