797 Modo Pocket From Manfrotto

This little hunk of metal is supposedly some sort of pocketable tri-pod for your camera. It has the little screw thingy that screws into the base of your camera and it seems somewhat height adjustable, but if its as small as it looks, I don't know how useful it is.

As you can see though, it would feasibly allow you to angle your camera either up or down, or just raise it a bit off of a flat surface. One upside is that you can leave it on the camera or take it off and fit it in your pocket, or on your keychain!

Once you have the thing on your camera, there is another screw hole for mounting to another tripod, so basically, you don't have to remove the Modo Pocket in order to mount your camera to another tripod. Currently it doesn't seem possible to get one of these in the US, but if you speak French, you might be able to get one sent to you.

[via technabob]