50 Cent puts in his two cents

While I'm not the biggest fan of "hip-hop/rap" music I really have to applaud 50 Cent for his recent comments on file sharing. He gives a real perspective that the rest of the music industry tries to deny.

During an interview in Oslo, 50 Cent was asked: "How are G-Unit Records doing in these times of file sharing?" While his initial answer was: "Not so good..." he went on to say: "What is important for the music industry to understand is that this really doesn't hurt the artists."

I now have a new respect for the man. Sure, the industry lose some money, but 50 Cent still managed to sell 20 million albums. I'll let the rapper sum it up in his own words... "A young fan may be just as devout and dedicated no matter if he bought it or stole it" Rap on, 50.

50 Cent: File Sharing Doesn't Hurt Artists, Industry Should Adapt [via TorrentFreak] [via CrunchGear]