3DTV Coming to Homes in Three Years

If the sharp clear images of HDTV aren't enough for you perhaps you should try 3DTV. In just three years, 3DTV could be sitting in your living room. We're talking about watching movies in 3D sans the 3D glasses, sans the tendancy towards motion sickness, and all in your own home. Have to thank the European Commission for funding research in this arena to the 3DTV network, a multinational consortium of 200 researchers from 70 different countries. However in contrast to the above mentioned "stereographic 3D" technology, experts say that "holographic 3D" technology wont be available for another 10 to 20 years down the line. Imagine being able to watch a whole football game with little 3D football players playout on the top of your coffee table. But dont be expecting any Star-Trek-like holodecks though until we reach the final frontier of the next generation.

Via: BBC News